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ICIP Endorsed Conferences & Seminars

ICIP Events and Partnership working

The purpose of ICIP events is to promote the development and understanding of intergenerational programmes as agents of social change that connect the generations in systematic ways to both their mutual benefit and that of the communities they are members of.

ICIP seeks to encourage partnerships at national, regional and global levels that support the achievement of its overall aims. It seeks to use its influence, expertise and knowledge to advocate for the importance of IP.

In supporting the development of a programme of activities and events ICIP will strive to make these as accessible as possible whilst ensuring that national and regional events are always seen in the context of an international movement. In pursuit of engaging with as many people as possible it will focus on encouraging regional events or events that do not use English as the first language, e.g. for Spanish or French Speakers. It will, however, advocate for national and regional events to always include some international speakers or input to promote the wider global understanding of IP. Every five years ICIP will organize an international conference to bring together all of its partners to share their learning and experiences.

ICIP works proactively with another organization to jointly undertake an event. This could include:

  • Symposia at a conference
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Conferences




The key attributes will be:

  1. The event is planned and implemented together
  2. The event is co-branded
  3. The partners jointly seek funding to cover the cost of the event
  4. The events aims are in accordance with ICIP’s overall objectives