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Written by Leng Leng Thang   
Tuesday, 06 October 2009 07:54

1998. Ludger Veelken, Jumbo Klercq, Kees Penninx and Christina Mercken meet with Sally Newman after the Sixth International Training Institute "Excelling in the Intergenerational Field" of Generations Together at the University of Pittsburgh, US, and come up with the idea of an international organisation to promote Intergenerational Practice. They decide to organize an International Conference in 1999 at the University of  Dortmund. Toshio Ohsako, UNESCO Institut for Education UIE, Hamburg, Germany, meets Sally Newman in Pittsburg, to discuss the organizing of a "First planning meeting for the Preparation of an International Comparative Study on Intergenerational Learning and Ageing".


1999.  Meeting at Bommerholz. Toshio Ohsako and Ludger Veelken join to prepare the International conference in cooperation with the UIE.

1999. The Conference takes place 25-27 April in the "University College Bommerholz" of the University of Dortmund, courtesy of Ludger Veelken, with participants from 4 continents and 12 countries. The event follows two aims:

  1. discussing opportunities for international cooperation and
  2. bringing together authors - from Sweden, Cuba, South Africa,  United   Kingdom, Netherlands, Palestine, China, USA, Germany – for conducting a global study of the current state of   intergenerational practice, to be published with the backing of the UNESCO, UIE.

Agreement is reached about a shared definition of Intergenerational Practice and there is a lot of discussion about the establishment of an international organisation and its purpose.


1999. Alan Hatton-Yeo joins working group on the international organisation and a draft constitution and set of aims are produced.


1999. International conference held at Vaals in the Netherlands. A meeting is held at this conference which adopts the draft constitution and the name of the new organisation ICIP. Ludger Veelken announces the launch of the new organisation with the statement that ‘the baby has now been born.’


Following the conference the group of Toshio Ohsako, Ludger Veelken, Jumbo Klerq, Kees Penninx, Sally Newman and Alan Hatton-Yeo undertake continuing work on the structure of ICIP.


December 14th 2000. ICIP becomes a constituted Charity registered in the Netherlands, with Sally Newman as the Founding Chair, the Secretariat based at ODYSEE in the Netherlands and the group named above as the founding Trustees.


2000. Publishing of the International Comparative Study "Intergenerational Programmes: Public Policy and Research Implications. An International Perspective", ed. by Alan Hatton-Yeo, Toshio Ohsako, UIE Studies.


2001. The launch and promotion of membership to ICIP begins and plans are initiated for its first international conference. Towards the end of the year the secretariat transfers to the Beth Johnson Foundation in the UK.


2002. First international conference held at University of Keele in the UK (2-4 April 2002). Ludger Veelken elects as Chair and the call for future conferences is launched. Membership of the Management Committee is extended and elections are being held at the conference.Click Here for full details of the conference


2002. ICIP organizes a workshop at the the World NGO Forum on Ageing on the 5-9 April 2002 in Madrid. Speakers are Alan Hatton-Yeo, Mariano Sanchez, Ludger Veelken, Sally Newman.


2003. Management Committee meets at Bommerholz to look at future plans and priorities for ICIP.


The ICIP Newsletter is published for the first time, reporting on intergenerational practice and news worldwide, edited by Susan Langford and translated by other volunteers. 3 editions are published annually from then on, initially in English, French and Spanish, and subsequently in Hindi, with some editions translated into German and Italian.

Click Here for the ICIP Newsletter Archive.


2003. The Journal for Intergenerational Relationships is published for the first time by Haworth Press, under the Editorship of Sally Newman, its driving force. The Journal is not part of ICIP, but the two have had close connections and many contributors in common over the years. Click Here for the Journal details.


2004. Second international conference held at University of Victoria in Canada, with organisation led by Valerie Kühne. Narender Chadha elects as Chair. Click Here for full details of the conference.


2005. Management Committee meet in Stoke-on-Trent, UK, hosted by Beth Johnson Foundation. More plans made.


2006. Third International Conference held at the University of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, with organisation led by Susan Feldman. Donna Butts elected as Chair.

Click Here for full details of the conference


2007. Revamping of the ICIP website.  

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